Concrete Repairs in Sydney

Our extensive knowledge in concrete repairs in-and-around Sydney, has allowed us to carry out many repairs throughout the construction industry.  The 'Ben Buckler Stack' overlooking Bondi Beach has had a helping hand from CAPS Beta.  

By working with engineers and material suppliers, we have been able to perfect our repair design process.  The result is a long lasting concrete repair.

We work on all size projects, and find it is the smaller ones that are often more challenging with their complexity.  But rest assure, we have yet to be faced with an unsolvable problem.


As a specialist machine base grouting contractor, CAPS Beta covers the whole of Australia.  With over 20 years’ experience, and a highly skilled work force, we have comprehensive specialised techniques for both new and remedial work.  We use both epoxy and cementitious systems, to suit all projects.

We can tackle any size job, big or small.  Having developed systems and equipment that allow us to mix and apply 10,000 litres of epoxy grout, or 20000 litres of cementitious grout in one session, we can undertake any project given to us.

For quality grouting and concrete repairs for around Sydney and beyond, contact us today.