Injection Systems

In 1996 we established polyurethane pressure injection technologies in Sydney, and since then we have helped solve water control problems in all four of Sydney's major tunnelling projects; the M5 East Motorway; the Eastern Distributor; the Sydney Harbour tunnel; and the New Southern Rail.  Conventional waterproofing was not an option in any of these cases.

Concrete cracks, this can allow water to leak and cause major issues during construction and for many years after.  Traditional membranes cure 90% of the problem, which still leaves 10% to deal with.  In the past, these areas have been left alone or given temporary solutions, with no long term outlook.

Injection technology, is employed at great effect to solve water control problems, where traditional methods have failed or proven to be too expensive. Although injection technology had been around for nearly 100 years, used in other industries such as mining, the Australian Construction Industry did not employ this technology until the 1990's. We offer reliable upgraded products at quality guarantee! 

Polyurethane Grouts and Injection Technology is revolutionary in that it can be applied while water is flowing, a concept not heard of before.

The treatment gives a permanent seal to the crack or joint.